Monthly Update - June 2017

Message from the Chair:

We have quite a few developments coming up in our community, including two we'll hear about at our June meeting. We'll also be hearing about potential changes to the bicycle lane at 800 South 600 East.

Our secretary, Cree McNulty, has resigned from her position. We appreciate her work on this website and with our Facebook Live videos. We now have two vacant spots on our board, Secretary and Treasurer. If you're interested in serving in either of these two positions through December 2017, follow this link to apply

See you on Wednesday!

Michael Iverson

The city's Community Development & Capital Improvement Programs Advisory Board (CDCIP) has recommended $355,000 to rehabilitate Artesian Well Park on 800 South. If this recommendation is approved, CCNC intends to work closely with the city on this project.


Last month, we heard an update about policies at the Salt Lake City Library, and we discussed a transit-oriented development on 400 South.

Monthly Update - May 2017

Message from the Chair:

Looking for another opportunity to get involved in the community? We're looking for a new treasurer to fill the vacancy on our board. This would be a voting member and would be involved in steering the direction of our community council. Please let us know if you're interested. This position has an annual election with no term limits, and the person selected to fill the vacancy would first serve out the 2017 term.

If you're looking for something outside the community council, consider applying to be on a Salt Lake City Board or Commission. You can find more information on this website. Here are the standing boards and commissions available:

Airport Board
Accessibility Council
Salt Lake City Arts Council
Salt Lake Art Design Board
Bicycle Advisory Committee
Board of Appeals & Examiners
Business Advisory Board
Citizens' Compensation Advisory Committee
City & County Building Conservancy and Use Committee
Civil Service Commission
Community Development & Capital Improvement Programs Advisory Board
Golf Enterprise Fund Advisory Board
Historic Landmark Commission
Housing Advisory and Appeals Board
Housing Authority
Housing Trust Fund Advisory Board
Human Rights Commission
Library Board
Mosquito Abatement District
Parks, Natural Lands, Trails, and Urban Forestry Advisory Board
Planning Commission
Police Civilian Review Board
Public Utilities Advisory Committee
Redevelopment Advisory Committee
Sister Cities Board
Transportation Advisory Board

Michael Iverson


On April 20th, the Historic Landmark Commission approved the demolition of two historic homes as part of a proposed development south of Trolley Square. Two additional homes were denied demolition, and it's expected the developer will appeal that decision.


Last month, we heard about the city's plans for Parks & Public Lands, and about the housing master plan. We also had an update from Salt Lake County on the homelessness issue.

Monthly Update - April 2017

Message from the Chair:

Before making any final decisions on zoning changes, the Salt Lake City Council always makes time for public comment. This week, they'll be taking your comments on the proposed changes to the Transit Station Area Zoning District, which will directly affect our community.

For more information on these changes, check out this article from Building Salt Lake.

CCNC has not taken a formal position on these changes, but we've been encouraged by the discussion and believe it represents a lot of potential to help grow 400 South in a smart (and aesthetically pleasing) manner.

Michael Iverson


SLC's Urban Forestry Division will be removing some dead pine and spruce trees in Liberty Park over the coming weeks. Don't worry, they'll be replanting new trees wherever they're viable.


Last month we heard an update from the Salt Lake City Mayor's Office on the homeless resource center plan.

Monthly Update - March 2017

Message from the Chair:


Last week, Mayor Biskupski announced a change in strategy for the new homeless resource centers. Instead of building four in Salt Lake City, they will be building two in the city and one elsewhere in the county. These centers will have larger capacities than previously intended, so we expect to see a larger impact on the our community.

A greater impact means a greater need for community oversight. The CCNC Executive Board has met with senior staff in Mayor Biskupski's administration to discuss our ideas for community oversight boards and impact mitigation. We need input from you as we craft these plans and work with the city to implement them.

Open House for Demolition & New Construction at approximately 644 East 600 South. This is related to the Trolley Square Ventures development.

Thursday, March 16, 2017
5:00PM – 7:00 PM
City & County Building (451 S State Street)
4th Floor Hallway


Last month we heard from Cowboy Partners on the Northwest Pipeline Building development. Seven Canyons Trust spoke on their proposal to daylight a creek in our community, and Garbett Homes presented a new design for the Hardison Apartments on South Temple.

Monthly Update - February 2017

Message from the Chair:

What should we expect from the city in the way of community engagement in homeless shelter sites?

Central City Neighborhood Council is working with other community councils in affected neighborhoods to develop a model for community oversight boards. These boards would help the new homeless resource centers integrate with the community and help ensure safe and successful programming for clients experiencing homeless. They would also help mitigate potential problems surrounding the site, with the goal of making these resource centers an opportunity for the community rather than a burden.

What other responsibilities would you see a board like this taking up? Who should be represented on these boards? As we continue our conversations with the city and the county, let us know what you think.

The city is accepting proposals for a mixed-use development on 400 South, the current site of Salt Lake Roasting Co. and old Barnes Bank. Follow this link for more detail.


Last month we heard from Mayor Biskupski on the proposed homeless resource center on 700 South. We also heard from Trolley Square Ventures on their mixed-use development across the street south of Trolley Square.

Monthly Update - January 2017

Message from the Chair:

Our community will soon be the host of a homeless resource center, located at 131 East 700 South in the current Deseret Industries site. This facility will be able to hold up to 150 individuals suffering from homelessness. We do not know which specific population (men, women, families, etc.) this site will serve.

To read our board's statement on this news, click here.

It is up to all of us to make the best of this. The city has organized a series of public meetings to take feedback, all taking place at the Public Safety Building (475 South 300 East).

January 11th - 1:00 to 3:00pm
January 11th - 6:00 to 8:00pm
January 18th - 6:00 to 8:00pm

We also intend to discuss the issue in depth as a community council over the next several months. Further, CCNC is urging the city to create a community advisory board to oversee the operation of the homeless resource center. Once a full proposal has been fleshed out, we'll present it to the mayor's office and city council.

We look forward to continuing these conversations with you. Hope to see you on Wednesday.

Located at 808 South 500 East, Artesian Well Park is quite possibly the smallest park in the city. Unfortunately, it also features a rather uninspired design and is in a state of disrepair. Central City Neighborhood Council is beginning the long process of designing and securing the funding for a major redesign of the park. This will be a community design process, and we want to hear from YOU what you'd like to see in this park. We'll have more discussions in the coming months, but please reach out to us if you have ideas!


Last month we held our annual potluck, forgoing a traditional agenda and meeting.

Statement on 700 South Homeless Resource Center

"theoretical" rendering of 700 South Homeless Resource Center, on the current site of Deseret Industries

"theoretical" rendering of 700 South Homeless Resource Center, on the current site of Deseret Industries


Central City Neighborhood Council welcomes new neighbors, urges community oversight of resource centers.

The Executive Board of Central City Neighborhood Council, which represents residents and business owners between State St. and 700 East, from South Temple to 1300 South, recognizes the moral imperative of Salt Lake City neighborhoods stepping up to help alleviate the human rights crisis occurring in the Rio Grande neighborhood and throughout our city.

While our neighborhood greets this challenge with optimism, we expect a greater degree of transparency and cooperation from the city and county moving forward. These new resource centers represent an opportunity to weave back into our community those who are most in need, but that can only be accomplished through a robust partnership between service providers, neighborhood residents, and local business owners. 

It is crucial for the success of these resource centers and the health of the surrounding community that this engagement begin Day 1. We urge the city and the county to consider the formation of community oversight boards for each new center, so that neighbors may have an active role in resource center programming and impact mitigation.

This is an opportunity to strengthen our communities while providing a crucial service to those in need. How we meet this challenge will define who we are as a city, and it is this board's hope that we will meet it in the spirit of unity.

Michael Iverson, Chair

Michael Iverson, Chair


Monthly Update - November 2016

Message from the Chair:

In 2011, the city recognized the unique opportunities presented along the UTA TRAX line on North Temple and on 400 South. With the hope of encouraging transit-oriented and vibrant mixed-use developments, with a focus on growing the housing stock, the city created the TSA Zone.

Now, almost six years later, the city is conisdering changes to this zone. The TSA Zoning Amendments can be viewed on the city's website. Or, you can show up to our November meeting and hear it straight from the Planning Department! We'll have planner Daniel Echeverria on hand to explain the proposed changes and take feedback from the community.

We'll see you Wednesday.

Need something to do this weekend? Know of a fun event that's open to the public? Check out the calendar on our website, and e-mail us back with the time and place of your favorite events!


Last month we heard from SLC Green about some energy saving tips for your home this winter. We also had Wright Development scheduled to speak about their development at the former Sizzler site, but unfortunately they did not show up.

Follow this link to view the full meeting.

Monthly Update - October 2016

Message from the Chair:

Since I took over as chair of Central City Neighborhood Council, there has been no issue to draw more interest than the potential rezone and development of the land south of Trolley Square.

Although Trolley Square Ventures was granted a rezone to FBUN-2, this August the city conceded a failure to properly notify local community organizations. They have begun the process again, and the rezone is once again facing the Planning Commission.

If you're interested in weighing in on the potential rezone, we encourage you to attend the Planning Commission meeting on Wednesday, October 26 at 5:30. It will take place at the City & County Building, in the City Council's committee room on the third floor.

At that same meeting, the commission will also be considering amendments to the FBUN-2 zone itself. This decision in particular has far-reaching implications to form-based zoning throughout the city.

I hope you can make it to the planning commission meeting, but either way we'll see you this Wednesday!

Looking for a place to eat, drink, or shop? We've recently updated the community map on our website! You can see the full list of things to do, or drill down to restaurants, bars, art galleries, coffee shops, and more. Follow this link to view the map.


Last month we heard from Google Fiber about deployment of their new internet infrastructure, we had a conversation with Det. King about the state of Richmond Park, and we were joined by Mayor Biskupski to talk about homeless services.

Follow this link to view the full meeting.

Monthly Update - September 2016

Message from the Chair:

After a little tinkering and a lot of frustration, Central City Neighborhood Council is just about ready to begin broadcasting our meetings on Facebook Live. This new platform will allow folks to participate from the comfort of their own home. Although we'd hoped to get it up and running for this meeting, we think we'll have the rest of the kinks ironed out for our October meeting.

If you haven't already liked us on Facebook, follow this link to fix that!

If you're looking for other ways to get involved without getting off the couch, Open City Hall is a great resource to post your thoughts on current hot topics at the city. If you have broader policy comments or concerns, we have a list of contact information for our elected officials on our website.

If you want to watch the action unfold in real time, tune into SLCTV on Channel 17 or check out the live feed on the city's website.

There are lots of opportunities to share your thoughts, concerns, and complaints about city and state policy. We'll always try to keep you in the loop! See you Wednesday.

Google Fiber officially launched in Salt Lake City this past month, with the first service area being right here in Central City. If you're between 100 South and 800 South, and between 400 West and 1300 East, you might be eligible for service. If you're in an apartment, visit this page to check your eligibility. For homeowners, use this page to sign up.


Last month we heard from Jesse Dean with the Downtown Alliance, who spoke with us about the planning stages of Downtown Rising 2.0.

Monthly Update - August 2016

Message from the Chair:

On a scale from 10 to 10, how much do you love beige stucco?

Yeah, us too.

In response to concerns about design and function of new developments throughout the city, but primarily in Central City, the SLC Planning Division is launching a project to revisit the standards required by the TSA (Transit Station Area) guidelines. There are two designated TSA areas, one on the west side along North Temple, and one in Central City in the blocks surrounding 400 South.

Do you think developers should be required to use high quality materials on 40% of their street frontages? What about 80%? Or maybe 100%?

Should developers be incentivized to have more parking spaces, or to have less parking spaces? Should a front door be required every 10 feet? 25 feet? 30 feet?

These are the questions the city is looking to answer. We'll be taking feedback on our website soon, but in the meantime you can send your comments directly to the city through Open City Hall.

Interested in joining a board or commission at the city? Check out the official website for details. There are 26 boards and commissions, and several of them are looking for volunteers to participate few a couple hours a month. This is a great opportunity to shape local policy and improve our communities.


Last month we heard from Dan Lofgren with Cowboy Partners, talking about their new development on 600 South, Liberty Square. This project incorporates the historic Ensign Floral building into its unique design. We also heard from former councilmember Luke Garrott, who is interested in forming a committee to focus on rehabilitating the Artesian Spring Park.

Monthly Update - July 2016

Message from the Chair:

Looking for more opportunities to get involved? Want to make a difference in our community for years to come?

Join a city board or commission! The Planning Commission is looking for four community members who can devote a couple nights a month. No prior experience is necessarily, but an interest in planning and smart growth is a necessity!

The Historic Landmarks Commission is also looking for members who want to preserve the history of our communities. If you've ever thought an ultra modern building in the middle of a VIctorian neighborhood looked a bit off, this might be the place for you. Again, no prior experience is necessary.

To apply for either of these boards, or any other city board or commission, follow this link for details.

Michael Iverson


Robin Hutcheson, Salt Lake City's Transportation Division Director for almost five years, will be leaving to take a position with the City of Minneapolis. Prior to taking over the division, she served as a transit system planning consultant for 15 years. Robin has visited our community council many times over the years, and she'll be missed!


Last month we heard from NeighborWorks Salt Lake, a local nonprofit focused on neighborhood revitalization and affordable housing. We also met our new Executive Board, but if you didn't get a chance to attend you can view their bios on our website.

Monthly Update - June 2016

Message from the Chair:

Due to the changes implemented in our bylaws, which were officially adopted at our May 4th meeting, our Executive Board now has a total of five positions: Chair, First Vice-Chair, Second Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer.

It is the responsibility of the current Executive Board to make recommendations to fill our current vacancies. These people will either be confirmed or denied at our next meeting. After much discussion, we have decided to nominate the following people to fill Executive Board positions:

First Vice-Chair: Theodore Cowan
Second Vice-Chair: Clark Cahoon
Secretary: Cree McNulty
Treasurer: Amanda Davis

If you haven't already met these folks, you'll get the chance at our next meeting. See you Wednesday!


The Salt Lake City and County Building, seat of our municipal government, will be undergoing a major facelift over the next two years. Sandstone facade restoration, window repair, and seismic upgrades are just a few fixes on the docket.


Last month we heard from Green Urban Lunch Box, which operates a fruitshare program in Salt Lake City. We also enjoyed a presentation by Kelsey Lindquist and Nora Shepherd in the SLC Planning Division about the guiding philosophies of urban planning. Finally, we voted to adopt new bylaws.